Hi I am new.

  1. last year

    Why hello there my name is Elise! I decided to come to this this community because my friend Irisdina 'Lilith' Hemstedt went here to rp. So I got to admit I heard some pretty misleading things about this server, and sometimes bad things. But when I joined all those thoughts went down the drain for as I just witnessed. Those people who told me all those things about furrybound was wrong. This community is amazing. I may not be a furry myself but the people are are quite interesting I love it. I play the characters. Elise Daily Felusa Ikzk, Anastagia Addison Ikzk Felusa, Jin Oswald Verguson Ikzk felusa IV 115, Warith, Warinthy, fluffycat_mundy. Sorry if this is a awful introduction but I do not usually make these. :3

  2. Eradem

    29 Sep 2016 Moderator

    Welcome Elise! Great to see you've joined. :). Yea, I'm not usually the one to make introductions either. At least not in post format. :)

  3. welcome to the community

  4. Looking forward to meeting you =3


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