Mod Support Suggestion list! (And player-end mods as well)

  1. last year

    Newcomer here, and I love the server already!

    I got a few mod suggestions though, so please, if some of these are already supported, feel free to ignore
    Other mods are player-end and not server-end, but server support would enable players to trade items from the mods with eachother

    AnTiHair: lots of different hair choices for Avian, Human, Hylotl, Novakid, Floran and Glitch
    AnTiHair on Steam

    Gardtenbots: Making tending for your crops a breeze
    Gardenbots on Steam

    CompactCrops: Because the normal space usage for crops is kinda bullshit
    Steam Workshop link

    PerennialCrops: Plant once and avoid the annoying chore of replanting your crops!
    Steam Workshop link

    Ceiling Sprinkler: because sticking that ugly thing on the ground is so 20th century...
    steam workshop link

    Modules In a Box: adds support to scanning and printing building (required for Base in a Box)
    steam workshop link

    Base In a Box: Makes building and rebuilding your base a breeze (requires modules in a box)
    steam workshop link

    Liquid Pumps: because more useful electric stuff (and moving liquids too!)
    steam workshop

    Combinable Auguments: makes life easier and allows combining EPPS, so you don't have to clutter you inventory
    Steam Workshop

    Augument slot mods: Because we could use extra slots.
    Sergal armors
    Avali armor
    Vanilla armor
    Back items
    felin Armor
    Orcana armor
    Viera Armor
    Fenerox Armor
    neko armor
    Argonian armor
    Pony armor

    That's it, I think...

  2. Eradem

    9 Oct 2016 Moderator
    Edited last year by Eradem

    Augment Slots for Armor
    ^ Turns out you didn't miss this mod but that should've been at the top as "Main mod for the other mods to work on your list" rather than "Vanilla armor" for the Augment slot tree of mods

  3. Eradem

    9 Oct 2016 Moderator

    Hello Khan, Anti-Hair will not be considered for changing all race looks. Base in a box likely won't be introduced due to griefing concerns. The rest will be considered although the augment slot mod can add more power to players when we've already got enough as it is in some cases.

  4. @Eradem Anti-Hair will not be considered for changing all race looks.

    Any clarification on how that's a problem? Only thing I can speculate are issues related to people wanting to change their appearance post implementation, and you can only do that with a new character.

  5. Eradem

    11 Feb 2017 Moderator
    Edited last year by Eradem

    Hello SiliconSlyWolf, you've just outlined the very problem there is. When quite a few people already have their character appearances set out; having to re-create the characters again to get the same appearance or having to change it, is a lot more complicated than it needs to be. I do not want to give players this hassle, even if the mod were to give more choice. Also, we follow a fairly strict policy where we do not wish to change player characters' appearances, because people often make them exactly how they want them to be; like with my characters for example. The only exclusion has been the avian drumsticks & tail feathers mod; which can be easily removed from the player's client without any repercussions should they wish to do so to my knowledge. In any case, the only people who play the avian race; were the people who wanted the avian drumsticks & tail feathers mod in the first place, so there was no one to want to deny it being added.

  6. Cool, just wanted to clarify for various reasons. I actually thought of a worse scenario later, if the mod ever breaks and goes unsupported! And you are right about "drumsticks" style mods, they're probably the only race mods that are fully client side, it has no effect on game data, it's just a modified product of said data. I could make the avians look like a lion on my computer if I wanted, and nobody on the server would ever know. And if you don't run the drumsticks mod, you would be using the default CF graphics.


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