Hello! *Introduction.*

  1. last year

    Hello! some people might know me, most don't!
    In that case, hello! i am Conrad Fiat, aka Hans Armstark on steam... yadda yadda.

    But i used to be a common roleplayer on the old furry-bound playing all sorts of characters, and interacted with everyone.
    But that of course, had been a long. long time ago.
    I am back to see whats up with the revival of this community! and i'll be looking forward to it as this server, was one of my very first roleplaying servers out there, So i'd least give it a shot, and see whats going to happen.
    So i'll see you out there perhaps!

  2. Eradem

    15 Oct 2016 Moderator
    Edited last year by Eradem

    Hello Conrad Fiat; welcome to the server! :) Or welcome back should I say?


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