Server username and pass [resolved]

  1. last year

    I canmot access the server. Am i missing parts that i should know, or a fourm thread i should have read

  2. Eradem

    17 Oct 2016 Moderator

    You do not login with a username or password; the server will only accept your connection if you don't provide any.

  3. I am having his problem. I input the address and idk what to do now

  4. Eradem

    5 Dec 2016 Moderator

    Hello Gaegor, make sure that the port in the port field box is 21025
    Make sure the IP in the server address box is
    Make sure the server account and server password field boxes are completely empty, then attempt to connect/join. If this still doesn't work, please say the error message and/or give the starbound.log file found in your storage folder within starbound. To get there just right click starbound in steam and press properties then press local files then press browse local files.

    Pastebin is a good way to get the log file to me on an unlisted paste, just link the paste you made here. The website is here

    Also, make sure that you went into your game options and ticked allow assets mismatch and pressed accept.


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