[complete] Scheduled downtime - 16-11-09 05:00 UTC

  1. 10 months ago


    8 Nov 2016 Administrator

    Approximately 5 and a half hours after this is posted, all of FBR's services will be shut down and moved to a different server. Sadly, I am unable to give an ETA at completion.

    While the forums are offline, please use our thread on the Chucklefish forums for updates and support. I will also be giving live updates on twitter for those interested.

  2. Geo

    9 Nov 2016 Administrator

    The forums are back online. (duh?)

  3. Geo

    9 Nov 2016 Administrator

    All services have been restored.

    The server may be a bit laggy but keep in mind that this is only temporary. With any luck, we'll be back on the production server some time tomorrow.

  4. Deleted 3 months ago by Floof
  5. Edited 10 months ago by alfalfr3d

    no no it is up, its just that starbound-servers.net doesn't recongnise it as being up or well that it has people it

  6. Geo

    9 Nov 2016 Administrator

    Oh, whoops. The starbound-servers.net player count should be working now.


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