The greatness of the server currently

  1. last year

    I love this server I really do, and i am great full of it, but this is getting ridiculous now, the connection keeps dropping me and then locks my characters in which is even more annoying, I understand that there's nothing we can do about it except wait till its fixed, but I mean surely we can have an admin sit there and watch the players to see if they suddenly stop after a while, because this is the 4th time this has happened to me now.

  2. Geo

    17 Nov 2016 Administrator

    There are currently some issues with the network in our service provider's datacenter. I'm working with the provider in hopes of fixing this but there isn't a whole lot anyone can do.

  3. Eradem

    18 Nov 2016 Moderator

    Sadly, Geo is right. You can't kick players that have the 'already logged in' bug. So, there really is nothing we can do but wait.

  4. I understand, I though I deleted this though cause the issue was fixed for me but oh well to late now


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