How to connect to server? [resolved?]

  1. last year

    Whenever I attempt to connect to a server, including this one, it says failed to determine address for ___________(server name) is there any way to get around this?

  2. Never mind, i was putting the port in wrong, but now it just keeps instakicking me and saying "incoming client packet has caused exception"

  3. Hi, I am sorry but I can't help you. I was wondering what the info that I need to put in to join the server.

  4. Eradem

    5 Dec 2016 Moderator
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    Hello Kataari; the only thing I can ask for what's going on here, is for your starbound log files in your storage folder within starbound's root directory which is found by right clicking starbound in steam and pressing properties then pressing local files then pressing browse local files.

    However, it's also entirely possible that you just simply don't have the modpack installed; in which case.

    port for server is 21025 and ip is

    Also, make sure that in your starbound options you tick allow assets mistmatch then press accept.

    If you don't wish to attach a file in some way in order to give the log file, then a good website to use would be pastebin found here
    ^ Just create an unlisted paste then send the link over to me, and I'll be able to have a look at it; here's hoping it has any message that can tell me why you're going through this issue.


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