Server Modpack?

  1. last year

    So, any way to get it, except Steam Workshop?
    GOG version owner.
    It would be nice if ya posted a link to some kind of archive with all those mods, or simply link to their pages on Chucklefish forums.

  2. Unfortunately, not all of the mods for the server have specific standalone version for GOG users, hell I couldn't get any mod to work with GOG. Sorry, but you'll have to buy the steam version until we can sort out all the mods we use and if there is standalone or not.

  3. I also got RePack-ed version made by some russian masters of rum and hacked games.
    My mods work pretty fine on it, so I guess server ones will too.

  4. Geo

    8 Dec 2016 Administrator

    The main problems are distribution rights and constant updates. Even if we glance over the fact that we're simply not allowed to distribute the mods, you would have to deal with manually updating your modpack every single day.

    I'll look in to safely exposing our debugging modpack archive, but I can't make any guarantees.


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