New bird in town [Steam Workshop bug resolved]

  1. last year

    H-hi.I'm new to Starbound in a whole and found your server and thought 'hey.These guys seem friendly.' And I could use a helping hand into this new universe of birds and ponies and furries and such,so I came to this group in hopes of making new friends and having a good time.If you took your time to read this,it would make me very happy.

  2. Eradem

    11 Dec 2016 Moderator

    Hello there RedFalcon360, welcome to the server! :).

  3. Thanks. Sorry it took me so long to talk,didnt get a notification..also,i tried yesterday, but it kept kicking me out of the server..and my character's name wastaken.

  4. You wouldn't happen to know a way to fix that,would you?

  5. Eradem

    12 Dec 2016 Moderator
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    You may need to install the modpack
    You may also need to go into options and tick allow assets mismatch then press accept.
    Aside from these two things, if it still doesn't work after you've done so; and you're sure the port is correct as 21025 in the port box and the ip is correct as in the ip address section; and you have nothing filled in server account or server password when you join.

    Then could I please have your starbound log file put onto
    Your starbound log file is found by right clicking starbound in steam and pressing properties then pressing local files then pressing browse local files, then go to the storage folder.

    As for taken character name, either you need a new one; or you need to ask me which character name it is; and I'll check if it is currently in use, and whether or not I can reset it so that you can join with that one.

  6. My steam kinda failed on me,so not sure I can do that.
    I managed to get on by the way,but now some sort of animation error is keeping me from getting on today..and it's honesetly upsetting that I can't get to roleplay with the friends I made on there.

  7. Eradem

    13 Dec 2016 Moderator
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    Ah, this particular issue with steam. If it is not a client-server asset mismatch EOF error, which can happen sometimes; in-which case you wait for the server to restart or avoid the areas the EOF occurs in; which you use F + W if you have distortionsphere equipped and "Aurora's SB Mod 1.0" on steam installed, in order to quickly move away from that area.

    If however, as stated earlier; it is not a client-server asset mismatch EOF error. Then is the more complicated method. Workshop isn't easy to reinstall the files specifically for Starbound.

    Note: Make sure to backup your player files before you begin. Player files are found in \Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\storage\player

    If you're not sure where your steam is, then right click Starbound and click properties then go to local files then click browse local files. Then you can move out of the folder structure until you reach the main starbound folder, which can be done using backspace or clicking at the top bar to go between folders.

    1. Go to the Starbound workshop
    2. Go to Your Workshop files area and hover over Your Files
    3. Click subscribed items
    4. Click Workshop items at the top.
    5. At the top of the screen click Filter by game > press select a game and type in Starbound.
    6. Click on Starbound.
    7. Scroll down to Items, Favorited, subscribed items and played section; make sure subscribed items is selected, if not then select it.
    8. Manually unsubscribe each addon. Make sure to right click the page and press reload when you're finished, just in-case some addons get missed.
    9. Close Steam
    10. Go to \Steam\steamapps\workshop\
    11. Remove appworkshop_211820.acf
    12. Go to \Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\211820
    13. Make sure no folder is present inside, and if there are any. Ctrl + A then Shift + Delete, to delete them all.
    14. Startup steam again.
    15. Subscribe to each addon manually in the workshop collection. Note: Do not click subscribe all! <- This will not work if you do; as you'll have to unsubscribe to all again then subscribe manually all over again!

    Then you right click the game in steam click properties > local files > verify integrity of game cache.

    Assuming you've done everything right, you'll just need to open the game, then restart the game; then wait 5 - 10 minutes, or how ever long the mods took to install for you the first time; then restart the game again. If all is well, this should load the mods in again, keeping your characters in-tact; and allowing you to join again.

    If problems still persist, reinstall the game after doing all of this, which is another reason why you made or hopefully made those player file backups earlier. Note: if you do reinstall the game you must go to options in-game and tick allow assets mismatch! And mods do not apply until you've restarted the game typically when reinstalling the game; but it's always good to do that just in-case.

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    Thanks for the advice,but some of the guys on the game managed to help me fix it.Apparently I didn't install the unprotected version of the Phase Tech mod.Odd thing is that I played on Saturday with my pals without it and it didn't have a problem.Heh..sorry for making you type all that for nothing.I do appreciate it though.^_^

  9. But maybe with our problems fixed,you and I can finally have some friendly chit chat,eh?

  10. Eradem

    13 Dec 2016 Moderator

    Not for nothing though! I can always reuse this page for anyone else.

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    Good to see you found something positive out of that. So do you openly rp on the server? And would you like for me to state my ocs here?

  12. Speak of the devil,now my windows wont start on my PC and resetting did nothing. Its never done this..


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