Mod Request (npc killer) [Denied]

  1. last year

    this mod <click here> would be useful to the server to remove NPC's that get in the way like merchant NPC's that can't be killed through normal methods, I would greatly appreciate this being added so I don't have to find a new planet for the hub I'm working on.

  2. Hello Ghoulish Lynx, there is also an alternative way to kill an NPC by using lava just put them on an enclosed place and put a lava on them also lava balloons might do the trick also.

    I tested this on my planet just to massacre all of the NPC and it works.

  3. Geo

    14 Dec 2016 Administrator

    Er... this sounds incredibly dangerous. If you need an un-killable NPC or stagehand removed, just let me know and I'll remove it with debug commands.

  4. ...k :I


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