Can't Rejoin Game [resolved]

  1. last year

    So my computer crashed while on the server and my character vanished from the selectable characters menu. So I remade him with the exact same name, worked to get some gear back, and then retried joining only to get "A user with that name already exists". Is there a way to remove the old character from the server so I can rejoin? Or am I in trouble?

  2. there is a way, just ask Geo

  3. I don't know who that even is...

  4. Geo

    2 Jan 2017 Administrator

    Hi. I do things around here.
    What's the character's exact name?

  5. Zachary Penumbra

  6. Geo

    2 Jan 2017 Administrator

    You should be able to log in now.

  7. Thanks so much! I really enjoy the server and it would've been a shame to prolong it by having to regain stuff again.

  8. Um I don't mean to cause more problems, but the issue repeated itself. This time after exiting the game normally.

  9. Geo

    3 Jan 2017 Administrator

    Your name has been reset again. You may want to look into restoring characters from their automatic backup files though.

  10. Can you tell me how? I'm sorta unfamiliar with that.

  11. Edited last year by alfalfr3d

    Get into the folder called "player" at C:, program (x86), Steam, steamapps, common, Starbound, storage (or just browse the local files and navigate to "player" that way) and then just copy all the files to another folder (this will also make a backup for your other characters). If something happens to your character just move the corrupted files from "player" to somewhere else and then copy the old files from the other folder into the "player" folder. As a final note, be sure to back your files up like once a week. Wait... that's not Geo meant... Still though, DO IT!

  12. Eradem

    4 Jan 2017 Moderator

    Hello Riolux, on top of what alfalfr3d said, you can always change the .bak files under the .player into a .player file in order to restore the character; if you don't happen to have a proper backup ready like alfalfr3d is suggesting. Which is found in Starbound\storage\player
    Another way of finding your starbound folder is to right click it in steam, press properties then press local files then press browse local files.


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