Mod Request(s) : yaaaa. [Denied Cutebound] [Consideration for Ningen]

  1. last year
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    #1 : "Make the universe a cuter place."
    While I know, it changes almost all (everything in the vanilla.) appearances including some bosses and NPCs (including their notifications and speech pictures) I feel like this eases the eyes from rough and somewhat weirdly proportioned armors/NPCs in the outpost to somewhat more "M'kay that looks better and doesn't make me look like my stomach is bloated."

    Notable features it adds:
    Rework of armors & clothing (So you can identify female or male more easier.)
    Rework of accessories (Cause why not.)
    Reworks of stock race faces & bodies (More details including MANDIBLES FOR FLORANS.)
    Rework of the Avians (Now looking like harpies, inspired by the Avali race.)
    Changes & Additions of hairstyles (Woohoo!)
    NPC changes (only visually, and some NPCs unchanged)
    Note that when I say rework of a certain thing, it doesn't mean everything included in it, only 60% maybe more or less have been reworked.
    Edit: Also be aware that everything cutebound changes is a vanilla feature/texture.

    Link -

    #2 : Ningen Race Mod
    Basically a "smol" version of cutebound, but limited towards humans but identified into a new race known as Ningen. (Human.)
    While it doesn't do close to half of "Make the universe a cuter place." it still allows players to look more feminine/muscular/overdone hair gel with their characters.

    Noteable features it adds:
    Seperate race from Humans! (So if you still like the stock human, its there!)
    Custom Hairstyles! (Cause you need something to differentiate humans and ningen! (but they're the same thing.))
    Custom weapons and clothes! (Which only require a pixel to create the forge required to acquire them!)

    Link -

  2. Eradem

    9 Jan 2017 Moderator
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    Hello Eincym. If you have read our mod request page; it is now almost filled with denied cutebound requests in various locations. If you wish for a reskin, you can just install the mod client-side; there is no real need for it being on the server in the first place. I believe Ningen was too human to add considering we also already have Neko; but I may add it back to the consideration pile. The only main thing with cutebound is if you use new hair styles then they likely won't be seen by other players without the mod.


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