Castle Lacrecille

  1. last year

    So this is a 3 part thread. This is concerning Castle Lacrecille becoming a point of interest, Other players... "Developing the planet", and a RP setup.

    Castle Lacrecille is a Two day project consisting of a castle on a lush planet. I along with several others have built and decorated the castle. I am requesting it become a point of interest.

    Castle Lacrecille: Lacrecille Expanse II <787537062, 673191375>
    Head left from beam point. You will know it is the right planet if you beam down next to a ruined structure with a spruce tree on it. You will pass another ruined structure, comprised of two towers with a campfire in the middle. Continue left. Keep going past the ancient gate teleporter, and you will eventually hit a point where the trees turn into pink leaved oak-esque trees. Under the third pink tree to the left, you will find a teleporter. That Teleporter is the teleporter to Castle Lacrecille. That is the point of interest. The castle is a little further to the left, as indicated by a sign.

    Lacrecille Expanse II is a claimed planet, so unless authorized, you cannot do anything to the planet. HOWEVER. I am willing to allow players to build on the planet. All you have to do is promise not to harm other player's builds, and ask for perms below. INCLUDE AN IN GAME NAME OR I CANNOT AND WILL NOT ADD YOU. That is all! I will take your word to heart and hopefully anyone who asks can be trusted. I will monitor the planet, and any unfinished abandoned builds will either be offerred up to be finished by someone else, and the original builder will lose rights to the build, or the build will be torn down. The build is considered abandoned after 2 conditions happen: The builder does not post below saying the build is finished, with a screenshot, and 2 weeks have passed without and edit or message from the builder with an EXACT timeframe of return. This means any builds after said timeframe or two weeks are not marked done and have not been edited are up for grabs.

    Finally, I am willing to set up a Roleplay on Lacrecille Expanse II IF I get enough interest in development. I am going to say 10 completed builds from at least 5 developers. RP here is also public, but an official Lacrecille Expanse II Rp will be hosted by me once 10 builds by at least 5 developers are COMPLETED.


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