Mod Request: Lamia race (and a few minor ones)

  1. last year

    Sure, the Lamia aren't "furry" but if you have dragons, why not snakes? They are my 3rd favorite race, after Felin and Floran.

    The rest are personal preference, but I do like them quite a lot.

    Skippable Cinematics -- For the love of everything, Esther, just shut awwwp!
    Flare Gun -- Save yourself a billion trips to the crafting stations to make more flares!
    Illustrious Apparel -- Fluffy ears and tails on a server about fluffy ears and tails sounds redundant, but it also has bikinis and succubus wings! heh
    Asphalt Fixer 2000! -- Changes the sound of jumping/walking on asphalt from "mud" to "stone." Yea, that's literally all it does, but it bugs the crap out of me otherwise.

  2. Eradem

    1 Feb 2017 Moderator
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    Hello DaMattGuy. Lamia are already in our list for consideration. Skippable cinematics is a client-side mod so will not be included in the modpack unless necessary; this is done to avoid clutter. You only need that mod installed client-side to use it in multiplayer on the server.

    As for flare gun, it may add to the overall clutter and as it is a small addition; myself and Geo are concerned that this ultimately will add more strain to the game so it may not be included; especially as flares already exist, and with slight modifications of the stack size using JSON parameters you may be able to stack more than you're meant to be able to.

    Asphalt Fixer 2000 I'd assume is client-side; so it isn't needed server-side.

    We may add Illustrious Apparel to the list of considered mods, but I'm unsure right now.

  3. Sweet, thanks. I legit had no idea if Skippable Cinematics or Asphalt Fixer were client-side or not.

    As for the Flare Gun, it adds an actual gun that shoots flares for a small energy cost. No more worrying about running out of flares ever. I like flares over flashlights because you can lob them over hills and see what's there before running right into a group that eats your face. R.I.P. Hardcore Dooder #3. lol

    Consideration is all I can ask, but I do appreciate it.

    I'll be on the server later, once I finish subscribing to all the things.


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