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    It keeps immediately kicking me due to "Incoming client packet exception", the vague way of saying that there's a mod mismatch. I have had asset mismatch turned on from day one of playing Starbound. I have unsubbed every mod that is not in the modpack and hit sub all on the modpacks page to make absolutely sure there is no mod mismatching including all my now gone client side mods. I've also gone into single player and made sure there are no remnants of the stuff I unsubbed from, and it's STILL kicking me. I even did a File Integrity Verification. I just cannot fathom what problem the server has with me because other than it being a mod mismatch, unlike other games crash/kick logs, I am given no clue whatsoever as to wtf is causing the issue. I didn't wanna bother you guys with this but I can't figure it out. If anyone can help with this, I thank you tons in advance. And my apologies if this is in the wrong place. My hair is turning grey trying to fix this and I'd rather not spam the discord bridge thing that announces every time someone "joins" and gets immediately kicked ;_;

    EDIT: Just realized I also cannot change the settings in my profile. Keeps giving me a blank page when I hit Save Changes.

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    Hello Minuke, sorry for the late reply; not present all that often to check the forums, usually more present on Discord. Anyhow, have you checked your starbound.log file found in your game files in your storage folder? Because I too recently, suffered a strange issue where for some reason the game simply wasn't loading the mods of the steam workshop on my steam version of the client and I had to manual load them with a sbinit.config which I thought was odd. But my other extra client created via steamCMD worked just fine.

    As for changing settings in your profile, it can do that. It'll work eventually. We'll be overhauling the forums sometime in the future anyways.

    Although now that issue I previously had is no longer present, which is weird.

  3. [Error] OpenGL errors this frame: GL_INVALID_VALUE
    [05:42:06.168] [Info] Root: Loaded PlantDatabase in 0.554681 seconds
    [05:42:06.624] [Error] Exception caught loading asset: /craftingtables/owamaterialcrafting/owamaterialcrafting.object, (AssetException) Could not read JSON asset /craftingtables/owamaterialcrafting/owamaterialcrafting.object
    [0] 13f743763 Star::captureStack
    [1] 13f7424ee Star::StarException::StarException
    [2] 13f7425d8 Star::StarException::StarException
    [3] 13f752b60 Star::AssetException::AssetException

    It seems to be a crafting material making it flip out although it's entirely possible that I'm reading it wrong because the time in it says 5:42 and it was about 1:30pm here when I tried to login in order to get a fresh log file. If it's needed, lemme know how to do a spoiler thing for the whole log. And no worries about a late reply, I figured it may take a while. I couldn't find your name in Discord and thought maybe you were under a different name there. I also noticed Geo hadn't been on in a while so I thought it best to go here.

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    I can't tell from that which mod is causing it. I don't know if anyone else can. Did you say you're only running Furrybound workshop mods currently?

    I have a bad headache making reading hard right now, so please excuse me if you said you did this. Have you tried unsubscribing even from all the Furrybound workshop mods? That will remove them all, and then if you resubscribe, help ensure a fresh copy is downloaded.

    If you have not tried unsubscribing to all workshop mods, and want to try it, you can also confirm removal of all workshop mods by looking at the folders under Steam. Starbound will tell you where they all are, by pressing the Gear icon in the bottom right of its main menu, bringing up a mod list menu. On the right side of that menu, there will be a file path telling you where the mods are, it's important to know that path, because it's just a freaking number at some point, for example, my path is: C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\211820

    That's my Starbound workshop mod folder (211820=Starbound, at least for me). Every folder under that is a mod's folder, also just an ID number. If you were to unsubscribe from all workshop mods, 211820 should be empty. If not, I would then delete anything in it before resubscribing.

  5. Yeah I had but don't worry, I misread stuff all the time. Granted, I do have two other mods but they are only a universe generation overhaul and a pixel printer mod that don't even add anything. Sorry for not mentioning em before. Was dead tired last night and when I woke up and didn't think to mention em. The first one basically just breaks the limiters that cap the difficulty and allows for a full variety of planet types like lvl 1 difficulty lava planets. The second also removes limiters by allowing me to print absolutely anything I've scanned. I can't remove them because they were removed by the author and I don't wanna lose em but because of the nature of the mods, they shouldn't cause any problems. If they did well...I'd have to give up on trying to get in cuz they're a big part of the reason I can stand to play alone anymore. I just tried unsubbing from the whole pack and resubbing, looking to make sure it was all empty, and trying to login again. It failed even harder. Not even letting me in for the brief second before kicking me like it before. Although from what I'm seeing in the discord, it may just be whatever is affecting everyone else atm. If it's the other two mods, and there's a way to preserve them w/o losing them, I'll temporarily remove them. Thank you for the help despite your headache, I really appreciate it.

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    I'm working on testing something. I need to make sure I'm right when I say this, but I swear that I have actually downloaded a mod from the workshop, wanted direct control on it being installed, pulled the .pak file out of the workshop folder, renamed it, and finally put it in the C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods folder. But I think a .pak file has to go straight into the "mods" folder that way. All all but one of the Furrybound mods is in a .pak file named "contents.pak". So, that means copying all the ID numbered folders from the workshop folder as is, and dumping it in "mods" isn't working. And there's over a 100 separate "contents.pak" files that I believe need to be placed straight up in the "mods" folder.

    Update: I got really lucky, Kawa's race selection extender was the very first mod. So yes, you can copy a workshop mod, rename it so it is not "contents.pak" and place it directly under "*based folder*\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods" and it will work. This means if those two mods you don't want to lose are from the workshop, you could rename the .pak files and save them somewhere, like on a data drive for permanent storage. If Starbound then connects to Furrybound without those mods, you can place or remove copies of the .pak files into "mods" as needed for Furrybound or solo play.

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    Well if that turns out to be possible, I'll try doing that with the last two mods. I've vaguely heard of this being done before, but it had sounded unreliable at the time.

    Edit: Just refreshed. Awesome, I'll try that then. Thank you!

    Edit2: Oh dear fuck...after unsubbing from them all to deduce which folders had my two unlisted mods, I realized Active Stealth Module was still in the mix. I thought I remembered that one being in the collection and even being told by Eradem himself it was added?

  8. Just be sure to keep a 100% original backup of the workshop folder for those two files as is, just in case, and move forward from there.

  9. @Minuke Edit2: Oh dear fuck...after unsubbing from them all to deduce which folders had my two unlisted mods, I realized Active Stealth Module was still in the mix. I thought I remembered that one being in the collection and even being told by Eradem himself it was added?

    I'm not sure about that one, but I don't see "stealth" at all on the Furrybound collection via a seach in Steam. That may be a third mod not actually on the list. Regardless though, you can give it the same treatment for now. To know exactly which of those mods is which though, you would have to load each one separately in order to accurately rename them.

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    ...I'm gonna rip my damn fur out. It WAS the stealth mod. Okay. So, for whatever reason, they seem to have removed the stealth mod. If the staff read this, I'm curious as to why it was since it's certainly nowhere near as overpowered as Unprotected Phase Module but oh well. Thank you for the help. Sorry I was such trouble >_< *hugs*

    Edit: Hello Minuke. We already have Active Stealth module please check the workshop collection in future
    ^ The workshop collection.

    As for Bunnykin we'll see if it can be added or not when we can.
    This was the msg btw confirming the stealth mod. It was like half a year ago cuz I was playing with my friend and after he stopped playing, my interest in starbound kinda tanked for a while until I came back.

  11. At least it's working, glad to help! :) *hugs*

    I preferred the pre-workshop method, since I prefer the level of direct control over my mods, but I could also make easy backups of my solo, with a friend, and Furrybound folders. If I made small personal edits, like basic graphic edits, I could incorporate that without worrying about the workshop.

  12. Yeah, the workshop does have its cons, some pretty big ones actually like someone intentionally sabotaging their mod to corrupt peoples saves (that's a real example actually). I'm one of the lazy people that prefers to not worry about updates every time I go to play so I reluctantly accept the workshop. After my modding experience with minecraft years ago, I don't think my sanity could handle manual mod management again with Starbound. I did make a pre-FurryBound backup for solo play though before I started all this so I'm alright. I'm also a huge hoarder so after I copy the backup to get back what I lost in trying to figure this all out, if you've got anything vanilla you've been looking for I can look around in my collections for it. I've got extras of everything lol

  13. Ok, new problem now. I tried beaming down to a planet but got kicked and it said I was out of range or something. Tried logging back in and immediately kicked for the same reason. Idk if this is the bug everyone's talking about but I'm pretty much stuck now :/ It was fine on the starter planet I was on before. The one I'm getting kicked from is an ice planet if that gives any clues.

  14. I'll log in and see if I experience anything like that on what planets I can get to. I've played like 2 hours in as many months, so I'm not sure what the common issue is. I haven't been on Discord, I still get socially paralyzed just thinking about joining in on it, so I'm not familiar with anything.

    If you can provide the exact error message, that may help a bunch.

  15. Ah, alright. In the Discord, it seems it's a very recent bug that's occurring that seems to be kicking or crashing people in certain "crash areas". The exact msg I'm getting is (OutofRangeException) out of range list::at(1)

  16. That error seems to be getting deeper into the code itself, and Google is producing few relevant results. One person's example was:

    If you have a list of 7 names, and try to call name 8, which doesn't exist, then that would cause that error. Name 8 being out of range of the 7 available names.

    It may require seeing the entire crash log of anyone having that happen, pasted to something like drop box with a shared link. And even then, maybe Geo would have to be involved, due to his level of access to the server. It could be a recently added mod generating something on certain worlds.

  17. Yeah, I saw the same post. Damn, well Geo hasn't responded to the "We've got a problem" msg somebody said in Discord even after mentioning him and I don't have an account on sites like Drop Box but I guess I'll make one and post it there. I'll update this when it's done.

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    I know that Geo is having some issues. Two moves recently, one to college, and technical issues required pushing back the state of the server meeting to tomorrow. I'm sure Eradem is familiar with the issue, and I get the sit in on the meeting, so I'm sure it'll come up tomorrow.

    If you haven't made a drop box account and don't want to bother, you could send it to my g-mail, (removed due to really bad idea to leave it).

  19. No prob, already made. I'll likely forget the pw to it the next time I go to use it but may as well make it now in case it's needed again.

    Here's the link if it's needed. Ignore the garbage it spews about it not finding stuff for the mods that are uninstalled. No clue why it's still bitching about em when I've unsubbed em and entirely erased any remnants of them from all of my characters in the FBR saves. Near the end, the time stamp should be 21:44 since I tried to login at 9:45 my time to get a fresh log. It says something about capturing a stack.

  20. Eradem

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    Starbound logs are best sent via pastebin as it's a lot easier for people to read your logs without having to download anything. Safer security-wise as a result too; although the method you used for dropbox was definitely effective. As for mods that are no longer on the workshop and are removed. They are still in your game! You must go to your subscribed mods on steam and target starbound and look through all of them; NOT the FBR server modpack listing collection!

    Active stealth module was removed a while ago due to incompatibility issues where it would stop any creatures spawning and spam the server and client with lua errors.

    My suggestion is to go to workshop, go under your subscribed items on the right then at the top click select a game under filter by game and type in Starbound and click it then scroll down and clicked subscribed items; then unsub every single one. Then right click the page and press refresh and then unsub anymore if they appear. Do this a couple times until it is empty.

    Then go to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\211820 and make sure all of the contents inside 211820 are empty.

    Then check your mods folder! There may be mods in there you haven't accounted for! Some of the issues you are suggesting seem to be like issues from the older mods from the older version of the game.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods

    Then you must MANUALLY click the subscribe button on each addon in the FBR server mods collection.

    [21:43:45.664] [Info] Root: Detected asset source named 'TechFix' at '..\mods\TechFix.pak'

    ^ You definitely need to check your mods folder as tech was changed in more recent updates; meaning that .pak file is likely completely useless.

    [21:43:51.023] [Error] Exception caught loading asset: /craftingtables/owamaterialcrafting/owamaterialcrafting.object, (AssetException) Could not read JSON asset /craftingtables/owamaterialcrafting/owamaterialcrafting.object

    ^ This is actually a new error by a mod; and won't be affecting your game. I will need to speak to the mod owner and get that one fixed.

    It also appears you've got the mech mod installed or at least did have; I highly suggest you do what I've told you in terms of mod clean-up.

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