Crash at Outpost

  1. last year

    It's crashing when I land or log in at the Outpost. Everything was fine yesterday. I unsubscribed manually from everything, then resubscribed only to furrybound mods manually.

    Error message at crash: [Error] Exception caught in client main-loop
    (MapException) Key 'outpostenhancedstorage' not found in Map::get()

  2. @Eradem, let me know if you come up with any idea on what I need to do, or whoever needs to do it, or whatever. I'm out of time tonight to keep testing anything. Mica's basically stuck in terms of story progress if I can't even see the Outpost. And I think my issue may have been crashing Dean out as well, not directly for him, but when I showed up. He got booted at the exact same time both times. Thanks.

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    i think the workshop have crash because i cant go to my collection list so i think that not helping

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    Lecky14, I can access the workshop at this time. It's probably a temporary Steam issue, or an isolated Internet issue depending on where each of us live. Try the workshop again later.

    Eradem, thanks to a restless night, I think I understand the workshop issue better, and how I ended up still having Active Stealth installed. I'll probably write up a mod purge guide and run it by you for missing details. With as broken as the workshop sub/unsub all links are, and how important it is to get removed server mods cleaned out, I think it will help.

    Update: On the server, if I land Mica at the Ark, or whatever, and then walk left, it will not crash with the above error until I get into loading range of the Enhanced Storage shop.


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