cannot log in [Resolved]

  1. 5 months ago

    Hello. I cannot login to the server due to an error: "a user with that name already exists" im not sure if its another i previously had when i attempted or someone else (i had another character named Lillie but i recently deleted it)

  2. 2 weeks ago


    Aug 1 Moderator
    Edited 2 weeks ago by Eradem

    That would do it, sorry for being incredibly inactive on these forums. Please enter the Discord found via the lounge area of the forums for more support. If you login with a character and delete it, the character is still registered on the server until one of the staff, such as myself, Jack or GeO2 delete it.

    In addition, I have just wiped "Lillie" from the server database, you may login once more, but please enter the Discord for future help.


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