Mod list update?

  1. last year

    Hey, I was wondering when the modlist was getting updated...
    I'll be honest with you I really don't like playing starbound with a race that looks bad imo which is why I ussualy end up playing singleplayer with Draconis or Cutebound mods. Recently Draconis was added to the "considered" list and since cutebound has been rejected which to me still feels like such a waste but, eh w/e. I'm really hoping Draconis race gets added soon I was just hoping to get some info since the last response to a mod request I could find was over 20 days ago.

  2. Eradem

    30 Mar 2017 Moderator
    Edited last year by Eradem

    Hello Misaki. At the present time, Geo has been very busy and the amount of mods we are to add has been reduced as the game load is beginning to get worse. I'm not sure whether it'll happen or not.

  3. I see, what a shame I guess I'll just hope for the best then.


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