How do I join?... [resolved?]

  1. 11 months ago

    Uh... Hi. I need help joining the server >w<.... Everytime I try joining is says "user with this name already exists" and it doesn't let me join :L

  2. 10 months ago


    23 Apr 2017 Moderator
    Edited 10 months ago by Eradem

    This means that the character name you've chosen is already taken by the server. Please state the name here; as if it is a name that has been registered for a long time and is unused I can reset it for you. If however, it is a name an active user is using; then you must either change your character name or create a new one with a different name. Please contact me through Discord for a faster reply rate. That is found in the lounge area of the forums; for the invite link.


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