The Fate of Volcaria

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    so, I know I haven't been on here all that long ( I play as Miraculum currently, maybe others later), but it seems everything/one has settled down into a kind of "Low RP funk". a sense of little purpose, minus the occasional offhand conversation, where nothing for your character really advances that much, no new growth. maybe we could come up with some kind of conflict (nothing too simple then it too would be rather awkward and/or pointless) or problem that will change how things work a bit. maybe a major replacement of "ruling powers" through some conspiracy, or some massive dispute about resources, maybe an epic battle about how ren's damned signs should or shouldn't be every-f*****g-where... I don't know. i'm not the greatest at making conflict's on the spot. throw out some ideas here.

  2. So, as ya'll probably can tell, I've been poking around in places I shouldn't be puttin' my nose... but this has given me a better understanding of how the Beatdow-..* I mean, run down of things work. One: don't fuck with Eradem. two: don't fuck with Eradem. three: Don't fuck with Eradem. yeah.... things were learned. lol. but like in the top post, things have seemed to have settled into an all-time low for the RP department on the server. I know its a casual RP server, but it seems to be less casual and more sporadic. With some help (maybe) i'll see about makin' some somewhat decent story ark about The Fate of Voclaria. Volcaria is small Avali mining settlement that had attracted the attention of an invasive Eldritch being.... the actions of the participants will decide if Volcaria thrives, dies, or is generally left alone. this will be the first in a (hopefully) decent trio of "modules" that will decide the fate of three of my characters (not tryin' to be self centered here. EVERYONE will hopefully be included, and I'd be more than happy to tie in other story lines to "beef up" the "meat" of the story). if anybody is interested please leave a comment or something. unless your Eradem. or the -Veiethe- clan. then your probably gonna blast me on discord with a bunch of notifications until I jump online again. not hatin', just sayin.

  3. *side note bonus points to who ever gets the ref I put in

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    Hello linkachu8709, you've put a fairly negative spin on events. Good luck with the 'Fate of Volcaria' it could be interesting. However, "everyone" will hopefully be included, isn't true if you exclude those two; not saying the -Veiethe- clan would want to take part in the first place; but just mentioning this fact. In addition, in all fairness; I've been messaging you on Discord, because you've made me need to do so. That is different to just 'blast me on discord'; although I do understand it may get annoying to have a load of notifications when you come online, I personally quite like that sometimes for myself. In any case, this isn't sporadic or random; the fact I have to talk in the first place, should be points enough. There's a difference between deliberately getting my characters involved, or making an event that leads to them getting involved in any case. Just merely wanting to explain. Continue as normal. :)

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    dude. I was makin' a joke. wasn't trying to offend. just being silly.
    also wasn't trying to exclude anyone. sorry if that's how it came off. the way I type seems to get anyone that sees it thinking its negative. Not trying to be rude in saying that, just what I've observed. also with how things are on the server, i'm not trying to say things suck, just that they are really slow. beyond "casual" slow. I use too many words when I could just use a few

  6. if anyone is interested in this, leave a post with your character name here if you so choose


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