Already Logged In (Game Bug)

  1. 11 months ago

    I found that there was a bug with Starbound where my character got soft locked out of the server by being falsely flagged as already logged in. In these situations you are able to make a new character and re join the server, but there is a chance that starting up the single player with your soft locked character will remove them from the server and allow you to rejoin. So to clarify. If you get the "already logged in" bug, start up single player as that character and spend at least 5 minutes faffing around. Then try to re join the server.

  2. Eradem

    7 Jul 2017 Moderator

    This bug has been around for as long as the 1.0 onwards part of the server has been active for. It is a problem with the wrapper and starbound dedicated server connecting with each other; where sometimes it desyncs. In any case, you usually have to leave for about 5 - 15 minutes. Possibly 30 minutes to an hour in the worst case scenarios. Entering singleplayer shouldn't have any difference to whether you can join or not; it is merely a waiting game.


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