server update? [complete]

  1. 2 years ago

    when (if ever) will the server be updated to 1.0?

  2. Geo

    25 Jul 2016 Administrator


    Basically, as soon as our server wrapper is production-ready. Hopefully this will be before the end of the week but I can't make any guarantees.

  3. its so sad that the server basicaly has been empty sense the update

  4. Unfortunately there is no legitimate way to downgrade, so most people are SOL :c

  5. Geo

    31 Jul 2016 Administrator

    The server has just updated to 1.0. Check here for more info.

  6. I would have uploaded the starbound version needed for the server before the update...but now i cant...and i cant join anymore...i wanna play on the updated server so badly...but i dont have legit copy of starbound...ik its wrong...but i couldnt buy it on steam during the summer sale they by the time i got the money to pay for the 75% off sale went back up to its original price...which i didnt have the money got a "free" version...and i had a great time on this server ive ever played by far...and i LOVE furries...hopefuly if i ever get the legit version of starbound on steam...ill play this server once again... *plays starbound alone as she is still in Beta Glad Giraffe U3*


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