Crash due to modpack [resolved]

  1. 2 years ago

    Uhm whenever I add the modpack to my mods folder starbound just crashes before it even gets to the title screen

  2. Mine is crashing in the same way. Did you drop the folders and .modpak files into the mods folder? If you take all the character race mods out but leave the other mods in, is your Starbound able to start up normally? And are the mods that come from .modpak files not working for you? If yes to all three questions, you may be having the same problem as me.

  3. Ah! While this might not answer all our questions, I found this while digging around for info on the internet. ?
    "With the update to Starbound 1.0, the .modpak format doesn't work anymore."
    I tried a few things and found that the character race mods are the only ones causing the crash, but I don't know if it's the same for you. I believe the character race mods are crashing it because the .modpak files I dropped in the mods folder are not being recognized by the game. As the character creation mod is a .modpak file that isn't being recognized, the extra race slots I'm assuming it provides are not put in the main menu and the new character races have nowhere to go. And that is my guess on what's crashing it. As for a fix, I'm not sure. I thought for sure I saw that there were players on the server recently according to , so unless I made a mistake, other people have found a way to bypass this problem. I tried unpacking the .modpak files so I could put the files into a form that the game would recognize, but I'm not very code savvy so I encountered some errors and wasn't able to complete the process. Perhaps using steam workshop to subscribe to the mods from the pack can be a different way of getting and using the mods that are otherwise unavailable to us right now, but I haven't tried this yet and I doubt that steam workshop has all of the mods required to play on the server. So, if you are having the same problem as me, then we might just have to sit back and wait for a new update of the modpack to hit Furrybound, or for all of the required mods to be available on steam workshop. Sorry if this information didn't help much. And if I'm completely wrong about any of this, someone should totally tell me.

  4. Geo

    28 Jul 2016 Administrator

    There are countless reasons for why the modpack is crashing your game. However, the only important one is that it isn't compatible with 1.0 in any shape or form. The players you saw online had turned off updates in order to keep using the server.

    I'm afraid you'll have to wait until the server updates before you can join.

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    Oh, okay! I'm fine with waiting. Thank you very much for replying. And sorry, you must have to say this a lot to keep us all informed.

  6. Geo

    29 Jul 2016 Administrator

    No problem, and don't worry about it. This kind of thing comes with the territory.
    If anything, you should be commended for your effort trying to get the modpack working.

  7. Geo

    31 Jul 2016 Administrator

    The server has just updated to 1.0. Check here for more info.


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