Race Mod Request - Zombie Race Mod Redux [unsure]

  1. last year

    Now, before I begin, I have searched this mod in the forums, but the forum post had no comments or anything that hinted that it was rejected/accepted, so my apologies if this is a repeat =c=;;
    Zombie Race Mod Redux [http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=953122293]
    Now, this mod was originally made by Xel, but is now being maintained by some guy named Skittles, who has done some pretty nice things for the mod, the mod itself is interesting as though it is somewhat anime, it does give you a unique race that isn't alien or a bag of energy, or a mutated cockroach. Why be alive when you can be undead, and still die? It also has some nice skin palettes for that stitch effect. I'm not sure if Skittles is updating on the daily, but he does respond in the comments fairly quickly, so it won't be an inactive mod. Did I mention you get a ghost pet and zombie claws?

  2. Eradem

    30 Jul 2017 Moderator

    Hello Kurai, I'm rather unsure in this department, more recently when trying to add new races we've uncovered quite a few issues in regards to doing so; such as Draconis continuously breaking something every time we try. We're currently in the process of debating on another race mod named Gyrusen+, which should hopefully see the light of day soon where the server is concerned; it too has its fair share of problems, but not as bad as Draconis. There is also the fact GeO2; the server hardware owner, is often times very busy so we may not get through that many mod requests overall. For this reason, I only take some up as priority and send those over to him where necessary.


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