1. 11 months ago

    Hey, everyone. Hira here (Ant IRL, ant_tykara on Steam). Played the game mostly singleplayer so far, and wanted to try a place that has actual other people. Might be slightly confused about the multiplayer bits still. Also, while I could technically be called a furry, I've never actually been involved in the fandom in any way. This doubles as my first attempt at that, and I apologize in advance for potentially dumb questions on both topics. ^^;
    See you in game.
    (P.S. From Europe, so suffering from chronic lag. I swear, elevators are lethal to me on this server.)

  2. Eradem

    18 Sep 2017 Moderator
    Edited 11 months ago by Eradem

    Hey there Hira! Welcome! :D; please join the Discord server found in the lounge section of the forums when logged in, it'll keep you up to date on current news! And above all, lets you get into contact with us as a community when we're not in the server, and even when we are! *Grumbles* Provided the FBR Server Bridge Bot is working that is. But, aside from that; it still lets you contact with us!


    PS: I'm actually from the UK, and the lag does seem to be rather minimal. The server is actually based in Germany, so you shouldn't be suffering the lag levels you are; I would check your connection, unless its a Starbound specific issue such as framerate drops; those can get rather nasty.


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