Is help with the server needed?

  1. last year

    Just wondering if help with the server or the website is needed because There's not too many mods and most of the mod requests havent been added. If you need help with programming or help with the website I know some python and html5. Also I dont know if you need money for server upgrades or things like that but if you do it might be a good idea to set up a gofundme or a pateron.

  2. Geo

    31 Aug 2016 Administrator

    Help is always appreciated! ...however, help is also incredibly hard to implement securely and safely - especially with the server being containerized and kept afloat by 1,500 lines of BASH.
    We do use an open source wrapper though and you're more than welcome to contribute to its development. FBR, as well as a number of other servers, would greatly appreciate it.
    As for funding, a Pateron page is in the works - I've just been too busy to get it finished.


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