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    Tue Aug 8 05:19:17 2017
    BanditBat started the conversation Server Version Etc [Solved].

    Hello! I took quite a bit of a hiatus, but was interested in joining again. What version of SB are we on currently? Steam automatically seemed to update everything and the mod pack seems to cause it to crash upon opening.

  2. last year
    Sun Jul 31 04:48:18 2016
    BanditBat posted in 1.0!.

    Awesome news! So excited to play again. :3
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. Fri Jul 29 04:40:02 2016
    BanditBat posted in server update? [complete].

    Unfortunately there is no legitimate way to downgrade, so most people are SOL :c

  4. Mon Jul 25 23:08:12 2016
    BanditBat started the conversation Starbound Game Version [resolved].

    Hey there! I used to play a bit on the old FurryBound server, and thought I'd give this one a try c:

    However, I don't see the SB version this server uses anywhere. Any chance I could get some info on that?


  5. Mon Jul 25 23:06:07 2016
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