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    Sat Feb 25 21:21:47 2017
    SiliconSlyWolf started the conversation Avali crop mod.

    Just came across this new mod,

    Apparently makes Avali crops from the core Avali mod into perennial crops.

  2. Thu Feb 16 21:39:19 2017
    SiliconSlyWolf posted in the modpack link :/ [resolved].

    The subscribe all button doesn't like to work all the time either. You may have to click each individual mod's subscribe button to get them to download.

  3. Tue Feb 14 04:26:12 2017
    SiliconSlyWolf posted in Stuck in an error.

    I'm glad that it worked, and to have helped! :)

  4. Mon Feb 13 01:55:31 2017
    SiliconSlyWolf posted in Stuck in an error.

    :( That's unfortunate. In case it's still a mod, I searched through your mods and found what appear to be the 19 strays + 3 others that should be Furrybound mods, but I can't ID the file's name data to the workshop title. One is literally "unnamed asset". Here's the list for each of us to be able to see it:

    I would be willing any time we're both free to help, but I will have two 12 hour work days the next two days, giving very little time on my end until Wednesday.

  5. Sun Feb 12 11:41:38 2017
    SiliconSlyWolf posted in Stuck in an error.

    This is going to sound like a dead horse getting beaten, but looking at the line count for mods installed from the workshop folder, your Starbound log above shows 121 loaded mod lines. Furrybound has 102 supported mods. Unless they're all 100% client side, that's up to 19 mods that may be causing the problem.

    I was caught off guard earlier finding out I also still had the Active Stealth mod installed (I noticed I had 103 mods, sadly Active Stealth was not the cause of my crash). Here is where I had to go to definitely uninstall any unsupported mods.

    And you have to do it one by one for every unsupported mod. None of the sub/unsub all buttons are working it seems. You would probably have to open the Furrybound list in one browser window, while looking at your own subscribed page, and sort both lists the same way, Alphabetical, or which ever.

    Update: Steam is also really bad about updating your subscribed mod list, in regards to pages, as you unsubscribe. Just be careful and thorough as you page through your mods and unsubscribe any as needed. Did I mention I hate the workshop?

  6. Sun Feb 12 08:45:43 2017
    SiliconSlyWolf posted in Crash at Outpost.

    Lecky14, I can access the workshop at this time. It's probably a temporary Steam issue, or an isolated Internet issue depending on where each of us live. Try the workshop again later.

    Eradem, thanks to a restless night, I think I understand the workshop issue better, and how I ended up still having Active Stealth installed. I'll probably write up a mod purge guide and run it by you for missing details. With as broken as the workshop sub/unsub all links are, and how important it is to get removed server mods cleaned out, I think it will help.

    Update: On the server, if I land Mica at the Ark, or whatever, and then walk left, it will not crash with the above error until I get into loading range of the Enhanced Storage shop.

  7. Sun Feb 12 03:39:42 2017
    SiliconSlyWolf posted in Crash at Outpost.

    @Eradem, let me know if you come up with any idea on what I need to do, or whoever needs to do it, or whatever. I'm out of time tonight to keep testing anything. Mica's basically stuck in terms of story progress if I can't even see the Outpost. And I think my issue may have been crashing Dean out as well, not directly for him, but when I showed up. He got booted at the exact same time both times. Thanks.

  8. Sun Feb 12 02:45:03 2017
    SiliconSlyWolf started the conversation Crash at Outpost.

    It's crashing when I land or log in at the Outpost. Everything was fine yesterday. I unsubscribed manually from everything, then resubscribed only to furrybound mods manually.

    Error message at crash: [Error] Exception caught in client main-loop
    (MapException) Key 'outpostenhancedstorage' not found in Map::get()

  9. Sat Feb 11 20:21:44 2017

    Cool, just wanted to clarify for various reasons. I actually thought of a worse scenario later, if the mod ever breaks and goes unsupported! And you are right about "drumsticks" style mods, they're probably the only race mods that are fully client side, it has no effect on game data, it's just a modified product of said data. I could make the avians look like a lion on my computer if I wanted, and nobody on the server would ever know. And if you don't run the drumsticks mod, you would be using the default CF graphics.

  10. Sat Feb 11 09:34:26 2017
    SiliconSlyWolf posted in Cannot login to server [resolved].

    Has everything been stable after doing a fresh install of Starbound?

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