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    Sat Feb 18 12:36:16 2017
    M Minuke posted in A Swapping Crash Bug [resolved].

    Sorry, I f-ed up. I got it into my head that Starbounds error report was giving all the information in one short msg but I should've just brought out the log immediately and now it's fixed for some reason. I can touch the sword all I want without crashing. I guess feel free to ignore this thread unless it happens again, in which case I'll update it. Again, my apologies. I'll keep the thing around though, just in case.

  2. Sat Feb 18 10:43:05 2017
    M Minuke started the conversation A Swapping Crash Bug [resolved].


    So I got a Flying Slash broadsword while exploring. I brought it with me into the Mining Facility mission and tried to swap it with a blink slash sword I had. The moment I click on the flying slash sword in my inventory, it first warps me back to my ship for a fraction of a second then completely crashes my game. If not for the error report shown above, I would never have known it was this sword that caused the issue.


    I tested it by going back in and messing with them. I picked up and swapped around the blink one with other stuff, nothing happened. Did the same with the flying one and immediately crashed and verified it was the fly slash sword. Idk what's so unique about this thing that it crashes me. My first thought was to scrap it in the Uncrafter and be done with it but then thought I'd bring it up here in case you guys wanna lookit the thing. When this other character finishes the mission and is able to access the Guild, I'll hand it to my main to hold onto (if I can, haven't tried shift clicking into a container yet) and maybe do some more tests until you guys decide what should be done with it.

  3. Fri Feb 17 11:39:46 2017
    M Minuke started the conversation Mod Suggestion.

    So I was going out loot hunting when I realized that the only planets I can realistically go to for the best results and for any kind of a decent fight are lava planets.


    I recently discovered this mod. It's basically a standalone difficulty-changing-only version of the Universe Generation Overhaul mod that my friend made. In Vanilla, everything is very linear in terms of what planets are good for what. This mod basically shakes things up by making it so that it's a lot more varied. You can find any type of planet (besides starters, those are left alone for obvious reasons) with a range of difficulty from 2-10 instead of the vanilla 2-6.5, such as a tier 10 radiation planet or a tier 2 fiery planet! It gives incentive to explore all planets for more than just places to build a base, more challenge for those that like a good fight, more progression, more to do really.

    As for how it affects what is currently already in place, it doesn't. It only affects what is newly generated. In other words, players won't find that their favorite low tier home planet has become a brutal tier 10 with monsters ripping their face off the moment they walk out of their base :P If uninstalled, the planets generated while the mod was active will remain as they are, but that is all. It's also not listed in the description but the loot does scale with the difficulty as well such as tier 9 daggers, guns, etc. If there are any concerns or questions about it, I'll answer as best I can and if I can't, I can ask the author directly since he's an old friend of mine.

  4. Mon Feb 13 03:47:21 2017
    M Minuke posted in Stuck in an error.

    I ESCAPED! WOOOOOT! *pulls you both into a bear hug* It was one of the three weird ones apparently. The 3D printables, unnamed asset, or "you wont need this" one. Idk which one but after wiping out all of em I'm back in! God damn. Steam really needs to get it together. If I unsub a mod, it should delete it's empty folder too >_< I've said it many times before and I'll say it once more! Thank you guys :3

  5. Mon Feb 13 03:08:45 2017
    M Minuke posted in Stuck in an error.

    A mod literally named "A mod you probably won't need" and one named absolutely nothing. Where does this shit come from?!?! Alright, one last shot at this garbage. Also, that MMM I'm pretty positive is the modpacks Matter Manipulator Manipulator. I'll be done wiping out the problem mods soon. Systematically going through the folder copying and pasting the id numbers from the pastebin to find them and delete them. Then I'll do as I did before where I triple check my subbed items and make sure they don't come back, try to log, get a fresh log, then paste it here.

  6. Mon Feb 13 01:30:09 2017
    M Minuke posted in Stuck in an error.

    Well it's been 12 hours and my character still can't login because of that same error so the restart doesn't seem to have helped.

  7. Sun Feb 12 13:02:45 2017
    M Minuke posted in Stuck in an error.

    Idk but I was able to play for unhealthy periods of time with no issue other than the server wide restarts and crashes until this out-of-range error garbage shut and locked the door on me. If it's seriously just an asset mismatch, I'll keep playing here if I can but if the restart doesn't save me then I'm SOL. I'll try logging in later on.

  8. Sun Feb 12 12:14:24 2017
    M Minuke posted in Stuck in an error.

    ...for 121 mods. Clicking Unsubscribe for 121 mods then clicking Subscribe 102 more times with no guarantee that it will work or that it's even an issue with the mods at all. I don't know what mod in that modpack is causing all this fuss cuz I never once had a problem with the hundreds of mods I had in Solo but I simply can't do this every other day.

    I'm sorry. I'm just gonna leave for the time being until either I've gotten rid of my other major stress sources, Steam gets their shit together, or the server zeroes in on whatever mod(s) is causing so many compatibility issues. Don't get me wrong, my short time here was awesome, I just can't handle doing that unnecessarily tedious process every time I get an error that no one on google has an answer for. I hope you guys have fun. *hugs* Again, thx for the help.

  9. Sun Feb 12 08:43:13 2017
    M Minuke started the conversation Stuck in an error.

    That same damn error is back.


    Something about a star exception or object orientation. I'm stuck again and unable to login long enough to even beam back to ship before I'm kicked. This time, I was on a radiation planet smashing gnome houses for pixels and stuff. I have no idea what common denominator there is between this time and last time. Last time I barely had landed on the ice planet long enough to see some ocean to my left and ice to my right.

    Edit: Btw, it happened around 3:30-3:33

  10. Sat Feb 11 13:22:49 2017

    Yeah. Only the occasional kicks from server-wide crashes. Haven't gotten any errors or anything. I'm speeding through the campaign too thanks to the Tommygun I made and the money I made from my base. Which reminds me, if I have a staff protect my planet, does it protect the creatures as well and can the phase module go through that type of protection? Cuz I made a base on my starter planet for the mother Poptop. I put a lot of time into it and her dying kinda screws it up entirely if it happens. I know me avoiding being there while in a party drastically reduces the chances of it happening but I just wanna be sure.

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