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    Tue Mar 14 16:58:31 2017
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    News about the new update to Starbound!


  2. Tue Dec 27 15:15:05 2016
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    Here's my attempt.

    Edit: idk it wont load the image. too big?
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  3. Sun Dec 18 15:53:54 2016
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    Not to sound rude or anything, and please excuse my ignorance, but may I ask why?

    Just testing it on SP didn't seem to affect any of the non-native terrain blocks. And the structure blocks only got a grass seed treatment with the occasional new random crop growing.

    Bit of technical info: The Terraformer can only work a max of 1000 blocks at a time. Costing 5k Essence each and taking roughly 5-10 min per session. It does not need to be moved after each session, but I don't know how it calculates which blocks it works on. I can assume it does a range of 500 blocks to the right and left, and adding 500 more each session, but "ain't no body got time for dat" to measure it all out.

    As for a "griefing tool" In my opinion, it would seem rather backwards to use. Its really a cosmetic tool than anything else. Strangers cant place down things on claimed planets. And a personal world's location tends to be a closely kept secret. And if someone happens to have terraformed your home, it can always be undone with another terraformer.

  4. Sun Dec 18 14:42:59 2016
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    So... about those nifty new things added...

  5. Mon Oct 31 08:16:37 2016

    For the noob who has little to no idea what you're referring to, could you give some more detail of what that is and how to use it?

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