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    Fri Dec 23 14:52:58 2016
    Ghoulish Lynx posted in Mod Request (npc killer) [Denied].

    ...k :I

  2. Tue Dec 13 13:42:28 2016
    Ghoulish Lynx started the conversation Mod Request (npc killer) [Denied].

    this mod <click here> would be useful to the server to remove NPC's that get in the way like merchant NPC's that can't be killed through normal methods, I would greatly appreciate this being added so I don't have to find a new planet for the hub I'm working on.

  3. Fri Nov 18 17:22:02 2016
    Ghoulish Lynx posted in The greatness of the server currently.

    I understand, I though I deleted this though cause the issue was fixed for me but oh well to late now

  4. Thu Nov 17 16:59:56 2016
    Ghoulish Lynx started the conversation The greatness of the server currently.

    I love this server I really do, and i am great full of it, but this is getting ridiculous now, the connection keeps dropping me and then locks my characters in which is even more annoying, I understand that there's nothing we can do about it except wait till its fixed, but I mean surely we can have an admin sit there and watch the players to see if they suddenly stop after a while, because this is the 4th time this has happened to me now.

  5. Sun Nov 6 10:23:47 2016

    I know, its just I don't recormend it since its so... finicky. I dont recormend it, because I know you can change inventory items and such, but apperance is something I really dont recormend thats what im trying to say, so I just recormend leaving them be and do the multi user connection, you know, where you open two instances of starbound join a server with two charcters then do what you wanted to do, be that self RP or give items to a diffrent charcter, but if you really wanted to I suppose you could edit the moded charcters inventory, just as long as you leave visual editing be.

  6. Fri Nov 4 23:35:14 2016

    Sure! Starcheat is a charcter editing software you can download to allow you to completly personalise your charcters like eye colour and everything you can think of, hell you could even make a demon by changing your chars skin colour to red if you want that is, the whole thing requires a whole load of tinkering with so its better to just learn for your self since its pretty hard to explain but it allows you to change weapons, charcter apperance, armor, Etc.
    But you simply download it, open your starbound dirrectory when it asks for it so for me its "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound" wait a bit for it to download all your mods and player files, close the program, backup your player files just incase, then go nuts! as long as it conforms to the server lore and such and that it dosen't break any regulations on the server because there have been cases where people have screwed servers for weeks because they shot the edited rifle and managed to f**k it up hardcore but just, dont screw up to badly and there shouldn't be issues, if you need any more information I'll be making a guid on the do's and dont's of starcheat, with some other people helping me out with the guide so it should be around in the near future ( BTW I did not make starcheat and do not take any credit for anything, all I am is a friendly outcast! ) Oh and DO NOT edit mod races, they are impossible to work with and you can damage the file badly that is the one rule when it comes to starcheat, anyway hoped this helped with everything! and...

    Heres an example of something you could do quickly on a charcter

    But thats something I could do in a few seconds, tbh it took me a few months and a lot of help from others to learn how to do half the things I can do now (and a few corrupt charcters *brushes them under a carpet*)

    ( little ad here ) If your intreasted to why I dont play on the server that much and the few times I have its only for a few secounds is because 1. My PC is broke and so I can't run starbound for long on this cheap laptop 2. I've been working on my text based game Frozen Echo's which is based in a futuristic universe and blah blah blah blah blah so if your intreasted in my crap games go to my Game Jolt account and look out for its first release!

  7. Sun Oct 16 22:36:07 2016
    Ghoulish Lynx started the conversation Here's something to help with editing Chars [Starcheat].

    Hi! I know I just started and all but, me being the furry and perfectionest I am I wanted to make my charcter really really authentic so to do so I give you this! a exsperimental version of starcheat! I found this whilst looking at other servers to replace GC since that went to hell so... anyway! keeping up with the bright side! I give you the exsperimental version of starcheat!

    64-bit: |click here for starcheat! and happy fun time charcter editing!|

    32-bit: |click here for starcheat! and happy fun time charcter editing!|

    Page for future builds: here

  8. Sun Oct 16 22:28:53 2016
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