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    Thu Feb 9 01:27:56 2017

    I've never actually seen anyone use the Terraria weapons, and they could easily be redone as drawables, so I vote for them to be removed so this could be added.

  2. Thu Dec 22 23:34:56 2016


  3. Mon Dec 19 23:31:06 2016
    Fariah posted in 1.2.0!.

    Will you be readding Terraforming ability soon? I want my damn home planet to have an actual biome instead of barren at some point.

  4. Wed Dec 7 05:35:45 2016
    Fariah posted in Server Modpack?.

    Unfortunately, not all of the mods for the server have specific standalone version for GOG users, hell I couldn't get any mod to work with GOG. Sorry, but you'll have to buy the steam version until we can sort out all the mods we use and if there is standalone or not.

  5. Mon Nov 21 09:39:07 2016
    Fariah posted in Mod Request.

    Please redo this in the proper section: https://fb.ccdyn.com/?p=conversations/bugs-feature-requests

    Try to add links and a reason why you'd like the mod to be added.

  6. Mon Nov 14 07:03:58 2016

    Fix it fix it fix it let me apply for admin fix it fix it

  7. Mon Nov 14 04:47:29 2016

    God damnit, not again...

  8. Mon Nov 7 18:03:05 2016

    God damnit, Geo

  9. Fri Nov 4 15:33:48 2016

    For anyone who can't read that date, 11/7/16, November 7th at 11pm EST

  10. Thu Nov 3 04:23:19 2016

    That almost looks clientsided, but i would understand that people have to have the mod as well to go to your ship. it's interesting as its not just Build Your Own Ship.

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