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    Thu Mar 30 14:48:40 2017
    M Misaki posted in Mod list update?.

    I see, what a shame I guess I'll just hope for the best then.

  2. Thu Mar 30 02:37:52 2017
    M Misaki started the conversation Mod list update?.

    Hey, I was wondering when the modlist was getting updated...
    I'll be honest with you I really don't like playing starbound with a race that looks bad imo which is why I ussualy end up playing singleplayer with Draconis or Cutebound mods. Recently Draconis was added to the "considered" list and since cutebound has been rejected which to me still feels like such a waste but, eh w/e. I'm really hoping Draconis race gets added soon I was just hoping to get some info since the last response to a mod request I could find was over 20 days ago.

  3. Wed Mar 29 16:07:40 2017
    M Misaki posted in A few mod requests.

    Draconis Race would be most appreciated.

  4. Thu Nov 17 20:22:37 2016

    Understood, unfortunate it wasn't expected but what can you do...Thanks for checking it out

  5. Thu Nov 17 09:14:45 2016
    M Misaki started the conversation [MOD REQ] Make the universe a cuter place. [Declined].

    This mod makes all vanilla classes look a lot better IMO it also changes the look of a lot of vanilla equipment's looks for the better. I haven't tested the reworked equipment with all the races but so far all seem to work fine...The only issue I found is that Avian do get turned into harpies instead. Haven't seen any Avians playing on the server but perhaps this can be a "Optional" file maybe? Either way I recommend this mod, even if its not accepted to the pack anyone still interested can download it without a problem as its a client side mod.


  6. Thu Nov 17 09:09:13 2016
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