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    Sat Dec 31 01:19:16 2016
    G Gageor started the conversation Calistan species not allowed [resolved].

    Uh, anyone else having a problem where a Calistan species is not allowed on the server? I tried to join today and no dice. I just lost my character from a while back and finally brought it back to what it was. Please if someone knows what is going on please tell me.

  2. Sat Dec 24 01:16:22 2016
    G Gageor started the conversation Mods won't load [resolved?].

    Hi everyone I am almost back. I have been trying to fix Starbound for a week and finally did it. I needed to delete everything a few times though and have to restart. I know you guys are not the right people to ask how to get the mod pack to properly load, but you all are friendly and helpful and I can't seem to get good help on the Steam forums. I have subscribed to the mod pack but the mods don't get added to the game or show up in the gear when at the start screen. Please help me fix this, I just want to get back on the server again.

  3. Sun Dec 4 21:07:19 2016
    G Gageor posted in Server inputs [resolved].

    ok thank you!

  4. Sun Dec 4 21:04:23 2016
    G Gageor posted in Server inputs [resolved].

    It said assets mismatched from player to server or something like that

  5. Sun Dec 4 21:03:52 2016
    G Gageor posted in Server inputs [resolved].

    Thank you but when i entered it in it would not let me join

  6. Sun Dec 4 20:55:45 2016
    G Gageor started the conversation Server inputs [resolved].

    Ok, I have asked on other conversations how to access the server but I have decided i just need help with everything. What is the address, port, account, and password.

  7. Sun Dec 4 20:53:11 2016

    I am having his problem. I input the address and idk what to do now

  8. Sun Dec 4 20:51:44 2016

    Hi, I am sorry but I can't help you. I was wondering what the info that I need to put in to join the server.

  9. Sun Dec 4 20:50:13 2016
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