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  1. last year
    Wed Dec 14 22:27:35 2016

    Speak of the devil,now my windows wont start on my PC and resetting did nothing. Its never done this..

  2. Wed Dec 14 19:19:57 2016

    Good to see you found something positive out of that. So do you openly rp on the server? And would you like for me to state my ocs here?

  3. Tue Dec 13 15:24:56 2016

    But maybe with our problems fixed,you and I can finally have some friendly chit chat,eh?

  4. Tue Dec 13 15:21:42 2016

    Thanks for the advice,but some of the guys on the game managed to help me fix it.Apparently I didn't install the unprotected version of the Phase Tech mod.Odd thing is that I played on Saturday with my pals without it and it didn't have a problem.Heh..sorry for making you type all that for nothing.I do appreciate it though.^_^

  5. Mon Dec 12 21:59:33 2016

    My steam kinda failed on me,so not sure I can do that.
    I managed to get on by the way,but now some sort of animation error is keeping me from getting on today..and it's honesetly upsetting that I can't get to roleplay with the friends I made on there.

  6. Sun Dec 11 22:11:08 2016

    You wouldn't happen to know a way to fix that,would you?

  7. Sun Dec 11 21:01:50 2016

    Thanks. Sorry it took me so long to talk,didnt get a notification..also,i tried yesterday, but it kept kicking me out of the server..and my character's name wastaken.

  8. Sat Dec 10 20:54:21 2016

    H-hi.I'm new to Starbound in a whole and found your server and thought 'hey.These guys seem friendly.' And I could use a helping hand into this new universe of birds and ponies and furries and such,so I came to this group in hopes of making new friends and having a good time.If you took your time to read this,it would make me very happy.

  9. Sat Dec 10 20:51:19 2016
    R RedFalcon360 joined the forum.