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    Sun Jul 17 19:00:01 2016
    DerFlammenwerfer posted in XS Mechs (Request) [Not Included].

    An important thing to note is that you should use the Omega v1.1 version instead of the v1.11 version. I tested the mechs out in single player and there were several fatal errors that crashed the game. v1.1 is still available in version history.

  2. Sun Jul 17 17:22:47 2016
    DerFlammenwerfer started the conversation XS Mechs (Request) [Not Included].

    This mod has excellent potential for military-based roleplay and for just being a badass. It was updated just two days ago and, provided the weapons are prevented from breaking blocks on claimed planets, the destructive capabilities of these mechs can be used as siege weapons on battlegrounds made by the players. If it isnt too intensive on the server, it would be a very fun addition.

  3. Tue Jul 12 20:23:36 2016

    Hey Trinket, I have been working on a colony that you guys might be interested in, where you can speak Russian, and where Russian speakers can use as a hub for RP

  4. Fri Apr 8 22:04:25 2016
    DerFlammenwerfer posted in Server Status Page.

    It appears StarryPy has fallen and cant get up. The server appears to have suffered a serious error, and while it IS online, nobody seems able to connect to it.

    EDIT: Was able to join as of a few minutes ago. If y'all had a hand in that, good work.

  5. Fri Apr 8 21:59:38 2016
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