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    Fri Mar 17 17:55:13 2017
    V ViciousVinnyD started the conversation New Mod Requests.

    Weighted Grappling Hooks
    Adds a variant of the grappling hook that functions more like a rope.

    Pixel Compressor Plus
    Allows the Pixel Compressor to be upgraded. Level 3 features lossless decompression.

    Ningen Race Mod
    Adds a new race that closely resembles humans. Key differences being larger eyes and a multitude of hair colors.

    More Critters
    Adds 170+ new critters to worlds that can be captured and kept as pets.

    Jak and Daxter Hellcat Cruisers
    Adds the Hellcat Cruiser from Jak and Daxter. Cruiser features 3 seats, front+top mounted guns and unlimited vertical flight. Extremely useful for navigating asteroid fields.

    Invisible Armor
    Adds 4 new cosmetics that hide armor when placed in the cosmetic slot. Good for hiding ugly backpacks.

    Better Hurts Sounds for Kemono Race
    Changes the hurt sound Kemono make from the default Human noise to a more animal-like yelp.

    Avali heavy Mining Laser
    Adds a heavy mining laser available to the Avali race.

    Augment Extractor
    Adds a machine that removes inserted augments/collars from EPP/pets placed inside.

    Asphalt Fix
    Changes the sound made when stepping on asphalt from dirt to stone.

    RAM Fluffalo
    Adds fluffalo that can be harvested for RAM sticks. Available at Terramart for 3500 pixels.

    Heavier Meteor Impact
    Changes the sound of meteor impacts from what resembles a firecracker to a heavy explosion.

    Usable Bathtubs
    Allows the player to enter bathtubs.

    Usable Apex Pods
    Allows the player to enter apex pods.

    More Hoverbike Colors
    Adds more hoverbike color variants to the outpost.

    Glitch Armor Edits
    Removes the extra visors from glitch armor and makes the main visor transparant. Glitch armor looks very ugly without this.

    Slime Race Mod
    Adds a slime race. They look ugly, but a lot of my friends are slimes so whatever.

    100% Boss Drop Chance
    Bosses only need to be killed once to drop their unique weapon. After spending an hour killing the erchius horror for a laser gun I feel this is needed.

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