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    Sat Jun 10 02:12:25 2017

    Update: All the mods work with 1.3, Forgot about the Fix mod and all of them are FULLY working, I was also gonna post the Lamia mod on here, but I already seen like 2 million requests for that one.

  2. Sat Jun 10 02:04:08 2017

    (sorry for any repeats ahead of time)

    Slime mod is pretty cool, adds literal Slime People as a race, its really dang interesting, and I would like to use one, and see people use them. Haven't had a chance to use it to see compatibility yet, but I am pretty sure nothing collides.
    Slime Race Mod~

    The Zombie Race mod is also pretty cool, but what is concerning is it's last update, which has been a long time ago, sure, its an intriguing race idea, but sadly, I don't think we can use it, the idea is still there, however.
    Zombie Race Mod

    I am in love with Draconis Race, I actually have had a chance to use this one, and its usable with the newest version. Plus the race just looks outstanding, I would main this race if we got it in!
    link Waifu Race

    And last but not least, Inkling race. Because if you don't enjoy the little WOOMYS, you are heartless. Sadly, this hasn't been patched yet, so its dangerous with 1.3, RIP.

  3. Sat Jun 10 01:47:26 2017
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