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    Tue Apr 11 17:40:01 2017
    S SPAC3 posted in XS Mechs - NO BLOCK DAMAGE.

    oh. i created a patch version too. i guess i will link it anyway. its ok that you denied xs mechs. kinda sucks because i put a good amount of effort into these mods. oh well.

  2. Mon Apr 10 21:02:43 2017
    S SPAC3 started the conversation XS Mechs - NO BLOCK DAMAGE.

    I understand that XS Mechs was denied. so that is why i edited it so that the mechs no longer deal block damage!
    sorry if i am annoying but it would be nice if you give this a try
    (note: does not require xs mechs. just add this mod and it will be fine.)

  3. Mon Apr 10 19:21:50 2017

    oh ok i suspected that with the theta mech and the ronin rho mech being incredibly destructive. thanks for responding anyway! possibly, i might try to edit the mod to disable block damage (or ask someone else to.)

  4. Sun Apr 9 23:39:50 2017

    im quite sure you guys were asked before, but could you possibly add XS mechs? (Bonus points if you add ZZ mechs also.)

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    Mon Jun 13 21:23:13 2016

    I built a hub planet and requested it for poi

  6. Fri Jun 10 23:47:52 2016
    S SPAC3 posted in Points of Interest.

    Hi, I would like to request a new poi, here is the description
    POI name: Renumi's place
    location: X:-3630883 Y:509953658 (Luxsol Muster I - B)
    Note: to find the POI itself, travel left until finding an airlock with a turret and an avali flag in front of it, then enter, and you will end up at an underground city.

  7. Fri Jun 10 20:34:06 2016
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