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  1. 5 months ago
    Fri Feb 2 15:14:40 2018

    @RoseChan Sure! I suggest joining the Discord server found in the lounge section of the forums. From there, please go to the #technical_support area, and check the pinned messages for instructions. For further instructions on how to debug issues, go to the #general channel and check the pinned messages, then scroll to the bottom.

    If you need further help, just give me a DM on Discord (Direct-Message).

  2. Fri Feb 2 15:13:13 2018

    We can't fix it with the current forum software, as it will only build up as much as it has already. However, plans are in the works for a new forum software that will be able to remove the spam a lot more effectively.

  3. 6 months ago
    Thu Dec 21 16:06:49 2017
    Eradem posted in I need some help.

    Subscribe to
    Then join port 21025
    Make sure in your options menu to tick "Allow assets mismatch" before joining.
    "Server Account" and "Server Password" are to be left blank.

    Make sure there are no other mods that might conflict with the server mods
    Hover over Browse and click Subscribed items.

    Then you can check for any mods you need to remove from Starbound.

    For any more help, please enter the lounge area of these forums and join the Discord server then head to the #technical_support section. Please bear in mind there is a 10 minute cool down on the chat before you are able to start talking in the Discord server.

  4. 7 months ago
    Sat Dec 16 16:15:50 2017

    @Noises If you're experiencing trouble entering the server and get this error, that means you do not have the mods the server has.

    Please go into the options menu of Starbound and tick "allow assets mismatch".
    Then go to <- Subscribe to the mods on this page as well.

    For any further technical help, please enter the lounge area and use the Discord link and go to the #technical_support channel, as any response on these forums is guaranteed to be slow.

  5. 8 months ago
    Mon Nov 6 10:27:55 2017

    @MultiFacedMedia This means that you have in-fact, not set everything properly. It mean that you have items or techs equipped not in the server, which makes you get kicked out. There is also the possibility you have installed a few incompatible client-side mods with the server. In addition, you may possibly have missed out any mods from the modpack, or have mods left over from previous that you weren't aware of.

    Check C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods
    Check C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\assets

    In assets folder, there should only be "user" folder and "packed.pak" file.
    In mods folder, there should only be "mods_go_here" file.

    Browse > Subscribed items
    Go through this list and find out which mod is broken.

    Go to the lounge sections of the forums to join the Discord server if you need more help more reliably. The channel you would be looking for is #technical_support

  6. Sun Nov 5 14:46:18 2017
    Eradem posted in I am confusion [new player].

    @Bagel Delivery You've put the port in the same area as the Server Address. Server Address is just - the port must go in the port box, do not add :21025 to the Server Address box. If issues persist, please navigate to the lounge area of the forums and join our Discord server and ask for help in #technical_support

  7. Tue Oct 24 17:49:07 2017

    @Majin Guu This means, you have mods the server doesn't have, despite what you have said. Please check your game's folder directory. Right click the game in Steam and press properties, and go to local files and browse local files: this will take you directly to the location of the game.

    From here, please check the mods folder and the assets folder. The assets folder should have a folder path of packed.pak and user then through user, the folder songs. If there is anything more than this, delete it. If there is anything in your mods folder aside from mods_go_here, also delete it.

    In addition to all of this:

    Go here:
    Then hover over browse and click on subscribed items.
    This should take you to only Starbound subscribed items. Please unsubscribe from each one manually, then refresh/reload the page, and make sure there are no left over mods to unsubscribe.

    Then go back to the server modpack from here

    Then resubscribe to each mod manually with the green plus icons. Should issues still persist, please create a new character and test this new character with the server.

    In the unlikely event that after all of this has been done issues still persist, please reinstall the game after making a copy of your storage folder: the storage folder holds your player files. There is a high likelihood if issues continue, that something has been done wrong on your end, so please follow the instructions clearly.

    For more assistance, enter the Discord server found via the lounge section of these forums and message on the #technical_support page.

    Also, having any race mods that the server doesn't have, and you try to join with that race, could crash the server and get your IP blacklisted.

    Please note: The server account and password boxes are to be left empty when you join.

  8. Tue Oct 24 16:32:07 2017
    Eradem posted in Points of Interest.

    Hello @PateB to make it easier in future, please attach your celestial world co-ordinate string: found via the /whereami command in-game. It makes things far easier for us. For a faster response rate, you can always message myself on Discord and I can respond faster, given I typically only check these forums once a day. The Discord can be found in the lounge area of these forums.

  9. 10 months ago
    Mon Sep 18 11:59:57 2017
    Eradem posted in Hey, all.

    Hey there Hira! Welcome! :D; please join the Discord server found in the lounge section of the forums when logged in, it'll keep you up to date on current news! And above all, lets you get into contact with us as a community when we're not in the server, and even when we are! *Grumbles* Provided the FBR Server Bridge Bot is working that is. But, aside from that; it still lets you contact with us!

    PS: I'm actually from the UK, and the lag does seem to be rather minimal. The server is actually based in Germany, so you shouldn't be suffering the lag levels you are; I would check your connection, unless its a Starbound specific issue such as framerate drops; those can get rather nasty.

  10. Mon Aug 28 10:42:41 2017

    Go to the lounge section of these forums and enter the FBR Discord; then give the exact character name in the #technical_support channel along with your request to have the name released. I will then check if it has been used recently or not, and decide from there.

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