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  1. 10 months ago
    Tue Oct 24 16:32:07 2017
    Eradem posted in Points of Interest.

    Hello @PateB to make it easier in future, please attach your celestial world co-ordinate string: found via the /whereami command in-game. It makes things far easier for us. For a faster response rate, you can always message myself on Discord and I can respond faster, given I typically only check these forums once a day. The Discord can be found in the lounge area of these forums.

  2. last year
    Mon Sep 18 11:59:57 2017
    Eradem posted in Hey, all.

    Hey there Hira! Welcome! :D; please join the Discord server found in the lounge section of the forums when logged in, it'll keep you up to date on current news! And above all, lets you get into contact with us as a community when we're not in the server, and even when we are! *Grumbles* Provided the FBR Server Bridge Bot is working that is. But, aside from that; it still lets you contact with us!

    PS: I'm actually from the UK, and the lag does seem to be rather minimal. The server is actually based in Germany, so you shouldn't be suffering the lag levels you are; I would check your connection, unless its a Starbound specific issue such as framerate drops; those can get rather nasty.

  3. Mon Aug 28 10:42:41 2017

    Go to the lounge section of these forums and enter the FBR Discord; then give the exact character name in the #technical_support channel along with your request to have the name released. I will then check if it has been used recently or not, and decide from there.

  4. Tue Aug 8 11:50:29 2017
    Eradem posted in Server Version Etc [Solved].

    @BanditBat Woah there. You're way behind. The modpack zip is back from pre-1.0. We've long since updated to the new workshop collection.

    If you need any technical support, please go to the lounge area of these forums and enter our Discord; we have a channel dedicated towards these sorts of problems.

    In regards to your current problem, you need the kazdra guard behaviour fix by myself and the captain chairs fix by GeO2, which is also found in the workshop collection; please remove the old modpack zip files from your mods folder, as they are no longer necessary and will only prove to cause crashes.

  5. Fri Jun 23 11:17:02 2017
    Eradem posted in The Fate of Volcaria.

    Hello linkachu8709, you've put a fairly negative spin on events. Good luck with the 'Fate of Volcaria' it could be interesting. However, "everyone" will hopefully be included, isn't true if you exclude those two; not saying the -Veiethe- clan would want to take part in the first place; but just mentioning this fact. In addition, in all fairness; I've been messaging you on Discord, because you've made me need to do so. That is different to just 'blast me on discord'; although I do understand it may get annoying to have a load of notifications when you come online, I personally quite like that sometimes for myself. In any case, this isn't sporadic or random; the fact I have to talk in the first place, should be points enough. There's a difference between deliberately getting my characters involved, or making an event that leads to them getting involved in any case. Just merely wanting to explain. Continue as normal. :)

  6. Thu Jun 8 11:27:35 2017
    Eradem posted in The discord.

    @UsualCheif12 @AlastorValmanway The Discord link is kept into the Lounge area of the forums for registered users; to help prevent potential bot spammers getting onto the Discord server. Please refrain from posting the Discord link directly in General Discussion. You may however, link the lounge page; as that still requires users to be logged in; in order to view it.

  7. Mon Jun 5 11:43:37 2017
    51 mods down on the list from the top.
    Neko race is present. I do not understand your confusion; perhaps the race icon is ambiguous?

  8. Tue Apr 25 08:09:03 2017
    Eradem posted in Novastar is back bitches!.

    Hello, alfalfr3d; no worries, they've already asked and it has already been done.

  9. Sun Apr 23 12:57:18 2017

    This means that the character name you've chosen is already taken by the server. Please state the name here; as if it is a name that has been registered for a long time and is unused I can reset it for you. If however, it is a name an active user is using; then you must either change your character name or create a new one with a different name. Please contact me through Discord for a faster reply rate. That is found in the lounge area of the forums; for the invite link.

  10. Thu Mar 30 06:16:11 2017
    Eradem posted in Mod list update?.

    Hello Misaki. At the present time, Geo has been very busy and the amount of mods we are to add has been reduced as the game load is beginning to get worse. I'm not sure whether it'll happen or not.

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